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How to Remove Gum From Clothing


Whether you are looking to clean a piece of clothing after a spill, or have a gum stain that you can’t seem to get rid of, there are a few ways to remove gum from clothing. These steps may help you remove the gum and prevent future stains.  Using rubbing alcohol is a simple way to remove gum from clothing. You can also use other household items to get rid of gum.  You can scrape the gum off the clothes using an old toothbrush or a dull edge. You can also use a dull knife to remove gum from large areas. You may also need to use a plastic scraper to get rid of the gum. 


You can also wash the clothes using rubbing alcohol. This method can work in removing the gum but will not affect the color of the fabric. You can also apply a scented liquid to the area to get rid of the smell. If you are worried about the effects of rubbing alcohol on the fabric, you can also use vinegar. The vinegar has acidity which will break down the gum adhesive properties. You can purchase vinegar at your local store or you can heat it in the microwave. 


scented fabric

You can also use a scented fabric softener to soften the gum. You can also rub gum from clothing with duct tape or hair spray. If you have a gum allergy, you can use a scented gum remover. These products are available at most drug stores and grocery stores.

ice cubes

You can also use ice cubes to remove gum. Ice cubes will harden the gum so it is easier to scrape it off. You can also use a butter knife to scrape the gum off. You may also want to use protective gloves when using these products.

liquid detergent

You can also use liquid detergent to remove the gum wad. You can also use a dull knife or a paint scraper to get rid of the gum. You can also try a stain remover such as WD-40. This stain remover can also be used to remove gum from clothing.

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Hot Water

Using hot water to remove gum from clothing is one of the easiest ways to remove gum stains. This method will not damage your clothing and can be done while you are at work or in the comfort of your own home.  Another effective method is using rubbing alcohol. This is a common ingredient in many spot cleaners and can be very effective at removing gum stains from clothing. It works especially well with delicate fabrics. It is also an effective remover of oil stains.  You can also use hot steam to remove gum. This method works by heating a piece of fabric and then soaking it in hot steam. The hot steam will melt the gum and will soften it. Then you can wash the garment. 

Remove Gum

Another way to remove gum is to use a fine brass wire brush to scrape it off. Be careful not to damage the fabric.  Another home remedy is to use a duct tape. This is especially effective on garments that have knitted or embroidered details. You can also use a butter knife to peel off the gum.  Another way to remove gum is to use a fabric stain remover. These are available at most department stores and drug stores. Be sure to follow the directions on the bottle to get the best results. 

cotton ball

You can also use a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol to remove the loosened dye.